Canary Seed Development Commission of Saskatchewan


March 12, 2012

Claim an SR & ED Investment Tax Credit for your Canary Seed Levy

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit is available on the portion of check-off levies spent on qualified projects.

For the 2011 taxation year, CSDCS has determined that 100 per cent of the canary seed levy collected is eligible for this federal tax credit.

The tax credit may be claimed by filing form T2038 (IND) for farm individuals or T2SCH31 for farm corporations. For more information on the tax credit, talk to your accountant or go to the Canada Revenue Agency website at

In addition, farm corporations may also claim 39 per cent of their canary seed levy contributions as a qualifying expenditure towards the Saskatchewan Research and Development Tax Credit program. To claim this credit, form T2SCH403 must be filed.

Here are the 2011 federal tax credit eligibility percentages that have been calculated for various Saskatchewan crops:

Canary Seed 100%   
Flax 9.2%
Canola 25.3%
Wheat 84%   
Barley 83%   
Pulses 45%   
Mustard 33%   

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