Canary Seed Development Commission of Saskatchewan


July 27, 2017

Nominations open for CSDCS directors

As of August 8, nominations are being accepted for two director positions on the Canary Seed Development Commission of Saskatchewan (CSDCS).

Directors serve a three-year term and are eligible for re-election for one further term. The CSDCS board consists of seven elected directors who, as representatives of all Saskatchewan canary seed producers, direct the operations and programs of the CSDCS.

Directors are not paid a salary; however, they do receive a per diem for the actual days spent on CSDCS business. Expenses are also reimbursed. CSDCS Directors attend approximately five regular board meetings per year and are sometimes called upon to represent the CSDCS at meetings and major conferences that help shape the canary seed industry. The total time commitment is typically fewer than six days per year.

To stand for office, nominate, or vote, a person must be a registered producer with the CSDCS. A registered canary seed producer is any producer who has had a Saskatchewan canary seed levy deducted in the last three years. All producers selling Saskatchewan-grown canary seed to registered buyers are automatically registered with the CSDCS. A producer is no longer registered if they have requested a refund of their levy in the last year in which they paid a levy.

A registered producer that is a corporation, association, society, or other designation is entitled to vote and to hold office through a designated representative who has been appointed in writing.

Nomination forms as well as Designated Voting Representative forms are available from the CSDCS office, telephone: 306.975.6624. Forms are also posted below:

Completed forms must be received by the Returning Officer no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Thursday, November 2, 2017. Forms need to be signed by three registered canary seed producers. You may want four or five signatures in case someone who signs isn’t actually registered. It’s also a good idea to send forms in well before the deadline so any issues can addressed.

An election (if required) will be held by mailed ballot with election results announced at the Annual General Meeting in Saskatoon, SK, January 8, 2018.

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