Canary Seed Development Commission of Saskatchewan


January 9, 2018

Canary Seed presentations from Crop Production Week 2018

Presentations from CSDCS meetings on January 8 at Crop Production Week 2018 are available for download as PDF files below.

Aphids, Fungicides and Micronutrients
• Bill May and Tyler Wist, AAFC
  Download presentation: 5 MB

Canary Seed breeding and research update
• Pierre Hucl, Crop Development Centre
  Download presentation: 2 MB

Getting pest management products registered for Canary Seed
Ron Pidskalny, Strategic Vision Consulting
  Download presentation: 1 MB

Market Outlook: Canary Seed and competing crops
• Chuck Penner, Leftfield Commodity Research
  Download presentation: 6 MB



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