Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan


January 16, 2019

Canaryseed presentations from Crop Production Week 2019

Presentations from CDCS meetings on January 14 at Crop Production Week 2019 are available for download as PDF files below.

Agronomic Research
• Bill May and Tyler Wist, AAFC
  Download presentation: 5 MB

Canaryseed and cereal aphids
• Tyler Wist, AAFC
  Download presentation: 3 MB

Getting pest management products registered for Canaryseed
Ron Pidskalny, Strategic Vision Consulting
  Download presentation: 1 MB

Canaryseed research and promotion initiatives
• Kevin Hursh, CDCS executive director
  Download presentation: 1.2 MB

Market Outlook: Canaryseed and competing crops
• Chuck Penner, Leftfield Commodity Research
  Download presentation: 6 MB


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